Server side

Onsite access to your hosted (cloud) web server is limited to a few highly trained technicians, therefore to develop your website you will need an application to achieve remote access via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) from your development location, ie your desk.

Accessing your server from a MS Windows PC:

Accessing your server from Linux:

Some Integrated Development Environments IDE have built in FTP to help automate the uploading of edited webpages:

One could correctly argue that this discussion of sFTP should be under the client topic because these applications are essentially a web page developers client to the server, however it seemed better to put information about accessing the servers in this article. If you are working with a Content Management System (CMS) such as Drupal or Wordpress you will be accessing your web site via a control panel in a client web browser. This mostly obviates the need to have an sFTP client and a dedicated work station, however there are some cases during page design that may still require FTP access and knowledge. For example, if a CMS misnames an uploaded image file, the designer might need to manually correct the file name on the server by bypassing the CMS. Another example would be module set up and customization.